Monday, April 28, 2014

piCture pOlish ~ Borealis

Today, I am going to share my wonderful purchase of piCture pOlish Limited Edition Borealis! There are only about 400 bottles available globally and I practically camped out in front of my computer just to grab a bottle of it once it is launched. You can imagine my excitement when I checkout my cart and paid for it.

Why did Borealis caused such a big HOO HA when people can't get it? One of the reason is the wonderful formula that is consistent in almost each and every bottle of piCture Polish I owned and the other reason is for the amazing multi chrome glitters packed in this polish.

Borealis is mainly made up of tinted purplish polish heavily packed with micro glitters in purple, blue and copper. You can see them showing up in different colours from different angles when you wore it.

micro shot of borealis
Unfortunately this is no longer available on picture polish site but I still wanted to share this beauty with everyone out there.

Next up.....I have more Limited Edition polishes from picture polish to share! I just need to get those pictures of Aurora and Illusionist taken....

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