Sunday, January 12, 2014

イタズラなKiss ~ Love in TOKYO

Another drama remake from the popular manga イタズラなKiss! Being a huge fan of the manga, I can't miss the remake of the Japanese drama for this!

The first Japanese version left me unsatisfied as the drama was very rush and it didn't follow closely to the manga, so when I saw that there is a remake and it's actually 16 episodes long, I was so excited! I finished all 16 episodes in 1 day, that's how much I am liking it.

The cast this time round was okay. I think 未来穂香 suits the role well but 古川雄輝 wasn't handsome enough to suit my liking. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed the drama. Since I've already known the story by heart, it's hard to not like this drama when the story follows so closely to the original work! Except for some details, the drama is one of the closest, in terms of storyine, to the manga.

After watching another version of this (the remaining versions were reviewed in October 2010), my favourite would be this latest drama. In terms of the casts, my favourite is still the Korean version because of the handsome KHJ! And my least favourite? Definitely the Taiwan version because the acting is just too exaggerated.

There is news that a second season for this version with the same cast has been confirmed. I can't wait for it! I need more of 入江直樹 and 琴子!

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