Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Nails Review: piCture pOlish New Collaboration Shades ~ Freya's Cats,Electric Dream, Shy Violet & Lagoon

Okay, I've just realized that piCture pOlish shipped internationally! Can't believed why I never realized that before! So the happy me bought tons of polishes that I have been eyeing!

Today, I'm going to share 4 latest collaboration shades betweeb piCture pOlish and four nail bloggers.

Freya's Cats
This is a stunning blue polish with silver flakes in it. One of my favorite in the latest release! The blue is super bright and intense and those flakes really stood out in it.

Electric Dream
A bright pink polish with pink flakes in it. Very cheery color and the flakes looks gold when reflected under sunlight.

Shy Violet
Check out this grape purple polish with silver flakes in it! I can't even find a dupe in my while stash for this. Absolutely beautiful! My favorite among these four.

Turquoise polish with flakes and small hexa glitters in it. This one will make it to my list of shades to use for a mermaid theme manicure. 

The formula is fantastic for these. I am able to achieve full opacity with just two even coats. However, I do suggest a thitd coat if you want the color to look more intense and brighter. Lagoon's formula is slightly thicker than the rest (just slightly) and I suspect it could be due to the fact that it had glitters in it hence making it seems heavier when I applied it to my nails. This collection is definitely something a nail maniac cannot miss. 

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