Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Nails Review: China Glaze Monsters Ball (Halloween 2013)

Today I am going to share with you the China Glaze Halloween 2013 Collection, Monsters Ball. There are a total of 6 polishes for this collection but I only bought 4 of them as I already have the Ghoulish Glow back in 2011 and I am so over texture polishes so I didn't get Bump in the Night.

Not sure if anyone remember the stolen artwork issue for China Glaze last Halloween collection. This year, China Glaze had Abigail Larson to do their artwork for the Monsters Ball collection! I really love the artwork! I am so glad that China Glaze got Abigail Larson to do the artwork this year. It definitely helps to improve their tarnished image from last year unpleasant incident.
Picture credit to http://www.chicprofile.com/

Howl You Doin'
A deep burgundy jelly base with purple, fuchsia and orange glitters. This is very vampy looking and it definitely suits the Halloween theme.

Bat My Eyes
A green black base packed with gold glitters. I wasn't sure if I like this when I bought it but after swatching it, I loved it! This is perfect for many occassions such as Halloween and Christmas. It can be paired with other polishes easily to create a unique look. I need to work on trying my idea out and posting it here.

Boo-Gie Down
This is my favorite from the Monsters Ball collection. White, Black and Orange glitters in clear polish and there are few black mini bars glitters too. This reminds me of the China Glaze Glitz Bitz 'n Pieces collection. I need to do a comparison swatch between this and those to confirm if my suspicion that they are the same except for the color. Whenever I look at this one, it kept screaming PUMPKIN to me. Anyone else have that feeling?

Blue, pink, green and purple glitters fully packed in clear polish. Look how stunning it is when I layered it our China Glaze Liquid Leather.

Overall, I think China Glaze did well with their Halloween collection this year but as we can see, they are mostly glitter packed unlike last year where we get Immortal (grey base with blue shimmer) and Roguish red (redish orange creme). However, I am a huge glitter fan so I am not complaining here! If you are a fan of glitters and you love vampy and dark look like me, you definitely need to check this collection out!


  1. I love this collection have purchased 2 so far and there fab

    1. Yup I love this collection too. Which 2 did you get?