Saturday, August 10, 2013

Easy Ways of Removing Glitters

Many people hate using glitters because they are so hard to remove from the nails. I have heard of many friends who avoid glitters in their nail polish because of the hassle in removing them. Are you one of them?

I really love glitter polishes because they are so pretty! I've done my own research on how to remove glitters in the easier way and also went around buying tools that can help to remove it. So today I'm going to share the method that I find most useful in removing glitters from your nails.

Foil Method
This is the most commonly used method and you doesn't need any tools to help as long as you have some aluminum foil at home.

The steps to this method is very easy. Soak a few pieces of cotton wool and pressed them onto your nails, then cut out the foil is size that fits your nails and wrapped it around your finger. Becareful not to wrap them too tightly as I've got a cut into my finger by the foil once. After 1-2 minutes, depending on how strong your glitters are, gently twist and turn the foil, then put pressure on the part where your nails are and pull the wrap off. The glitters would be all out as shown in the picture above. Look how neatly they are removed!

Nail Sponge Wrap
Now, this is my current method and also my favorite method to remove nail glitters. When I was in Tokyo earlier this year, I found this sponge wrap thing at one of the beauty store. The words on the packaging indicated that this is for easy removal of gelish nails but I've decided to try and use it for glitters instead because of the picture that says No to foil. And Viola! This is the easiest and mess free method to remove glitters!

For this, you just have to insert the sleeves onto your finger and that's all! Check out my mini video on how fast and smooth it removes the glitters on my nails.

This sponge wrap is only retailing at JPY500! Cheap and good. However the downside is that this thing is doesn't last forever. I'm so gonna stock it up the next time I travel to Japan.

Peel Off Basecoat
Last but not least is the simple peel off basecoat that you can find them easily everywhere. I've used the innisfree peel off base coat. This method is simply apply the base coat like you do with the rest, but wait or it to fully dry before you apply the nail polish, otherwise it would not peel off easily. Watch my video on how easily it peels off.

And here's are the peel offs! That's how simple it it.

The downside of the peel off method is that the nail polish doesn't last long as sometimes it gets peel away when I was showering and there might be some residue on the nails but it can be easily clean away by nail polish remover.

So after reading about the three different methods I've used, which method would you be interested to try out?

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