Friday, June 28, 2013

Nails Review: Zoya Summer Pixie Dust

I have waited for so long and finally got the Zoya Summer Pixie Dust Collection on my hands! This is seriously a very bright and pretty collection. 

In a pretty fuchsia shade, this one can be matched to any other shades safely and easily.

This shade looks very pretty with a top coat too! 

This pretty lilac shade is so feminine and sweet! I can imagine myself pairing it woth many other shades of purple.

Here's a picture of it with top coat. The silver glitters are much more brighter after applying the top coat but sadly it's not reflected in the picture.

Someone the name of this one kept reminding me of the States...but this is a very pretty teal blue and under the shades, it actually appears much brighter and blueish. 

I love how this one looks with a top coat. Most probably I will be wearing this with a top coat. 

This one is super bright and shiny! The gold polish is much closer to bright yellow. This is really pretty but someone I don't like it that much as I'm mot a fan of bright yellow. This is much suitable to be used as an accentuate shade or for tips.

This is the only one that didn't look much difference with or without top coat.

This is a chilli red shade with gold shimmer in it. It looks very close to OPI Jynx and is the reason why I didn't get the later.

After applying the top coat, this one actually looks like jello to me! Yummilicious looking!

This super sunny orange is a real beauty. It's not a color that everyone will wear but if you are a polish lover, you definitely want this in your collection.

And guess what? I've forgotten to take a swatch of Beatrix with top coat!! Lol! I'll update the picture of it tomorrow. I promise!

Overall, I am still loving the Zoya Pixie Dust very much. I have already decided to not purchase any further texture polish as I wasn't so crazy over the liquid sand nor China Glaze texture. BUT, I saw this.... I'm gonna be buying the Fall 2013 Pixie Dust afterall...LOL!

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