Thursday, May 9, 2013

Nails Review: Gloss 'n Sparkle

I have been eyeing Gloss 'n Sparkle nail polishes for months and recently I finally laid my hands on 3 of them. I am kind of disappointed after swatching them out. Let's look at the swatches first.

Unicorn Spawn
This is a milky white base leaning toward grey. It has lots of pastel glitters in it. The glitters are very clear to naked eyes but not in the pictures below except for the macro shot. I really like this one but the formual is thick and it can only be applied nicely if I thin it out or wait for layers to dry before applying the next.

Fruit Tingle
A purple creme polish with blue and black glitters. There are some small red glitters which is not very obvious unless you look at it closely. This purple is a pretty shade but once against the formula is thick and not easy to apply.

Goodbye Sober Day
This is a clear polish with lots of multicolor glitters in various shapes in it. It kinds of reminds me of Deborah Lippmann's Happy Birthday. I need to do a comparison swatch one day. The formula for this is much better since I am only using one coat. The glitters picks up easily and spread over my nail bed evenly.

Overall, the polishes are very pretty but one problem I face is that they eat top coat like nobody's business! Even after I applied 3 coats of Seche Vite, they still feels rough to touch. Furthermore, I tried wearing Unicorn Spawn for 3 days and the nail polish just keep shrinking daily. I never had this problem with any other polish before. Some people mentioned that Seche shrunk polishes but I have been using that for all my nails and this is the first time I met this problem so I doubt it's due to my Seche topcoat. Will I buy Gloss 'n Sparkle again? I doubt I will as the formula and the shrinking problem is putting me off it.

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