Monday, April 1, 2013

Nails Review: Zoya Pixie Dust

I am so happy that I finally managed to get my Zoya Pixie Dust! It is so hard to get them in Singapore as there are very very few retailers selling Zoya polish and it's not cheap. I got this at a pretty good deal from the Beauty Asia Fair 2013 and there were some hiccups during the collection process which led me to not wanting to order from that supplier again.

The Zoya Pixie Dust is one of the collection to join the texture trend after OPI Liquid Sand and China Glaze Texture. Let's look at the swatches first.

Amazing red polish filled with red glitters. This one looks gorgeous with the top coat on it.

A golden beige polish filled with gold glitters. This is very nude and natural looking. I didn't expect myself to like it but once I wear it on my nails, I'm in love with it.

A green polish filled with silver glitters. I wasn't expecting myself to like this but surprisingly I did. The green wasn't too over the board for me. (not a fan of green!)

A dusty blue polish filled with silver glitters. I like this best from the promo poster but after I swatched it, it was quite disappointing. the blue wasn't as striking as it look from the bottle and this is very sheer so I needed four coats for full opacity. I only used 3 coats in my swatch.

A grey polish filled with silver glitters. This one is okay for me as I don't really wear grey polishes.

A black polish filled with silver glitters. This one sparkles! Because of the black base, the silver glitters stands out in this polish. I really like this a lot!

These looks matte and shiny when they are completely dried. However, I actually prefer them with top coat on it. They are so pretty with the top coat!

After trying all all the various texture polishes from the different brands, I must say that I am not really a fan of texture polish. It is not something that I want to wear regularly. However, a plus point for these texture polish is that once we apply a good layer of top coat over it, they look just like regular polishes. So I can always choose to put on the top coat to wear them like normal.

Even though I have just said that I am not a fan of texture polishes, when I saw the promo poster for the new Zoya Summer Pixie Dust, I knew I am going to get them all! I can imagine how pretty they will looked with top coat!

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