Monday, April 1, 2013

Nails Review: Zoya Ornate Collection

Finally after months and months of searching, the Zoya Ornate Collection is mine! I can't express how excited and happy I am to get these. They are really beautiful!

Fiery Red with holographic glitters. This is like its name, a red blaze. The pictures are doing no justice to how pretty this is in reality.

My favorite in this collection! A deep purple polish with scatter holographic glitters. Just see how it shines! I can foresee myself wearing this frequently in future.

Black with scattered holographic glitters. This one is a real beauty. The holo are so stunning in the black base. I wasn't sure if I wanted to get this initially because I am afraid that this could be a dupe of Pixie Dust Dahlia with a top coat but they are definitely not dupe. Dahlia comes with silver glitters but Storm has lots of pretty holo glitters in it. I need to do a post on the comparison between Dahlia, Storm and butterLONDON Black Knight. All of them are not dupe at all.

These 3 polishes are the most popular in the Ornate collection and once again I want to say that I am so glad to be able to add them to my collection. All of them have scattered holographic glitters in them and they shines under the sun. These are limited edition so go get them before they are gone!


  1. Hi,

    I love your blog and your photos! I am a fellow Singaporean nail polish addict and would like to ask you where you get your Zoyas from? I cannot find any retailers here selling it sadly... I went almost crazy looking for the Ornate collection till my friend helped me order it online.


    1. Hi!

      I've got most of my Zoya online too but there are very limited colors to choose from :(