Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Nails Review: Wicked Polish (Pink Eye, Pox, Hematoma)

Today I'm going to share with you my latest purchase. Wicked Polish had caught my eyes when I saw so many pictures of Pox on instagram. Everyone is raving about it, just like Jindie Nails Candy Land. I am not a fan of neon glitters at all, but just because everyone is having it, I decided to get it too. (Oh I'm such a sucker for nail polish trend!)

Pink Eyes
A sheer pink creme polish with pink, white and silver glitters in various sizes. I layered it over OPI I Theodora You. The nude pink base is a good undies and matches the polish perfectly. It gave an overall gelish look of this polish. I could die just looking at this.

Everyone is talking about this! A neon pink and orange glitter in milky creme polish. I used OPI Don't Burst My Bubbles as the base as it is the closest to the base color of the polish and look how well they matched!  Even though I am not a fan of neon (yes I'm repeating it..), the finishing look of this had me swooning and wowing.

The milky base looks bluish to me but it's actually supposed to be milky white. My guess is that the neon glitter somehow made it looks blue, but it still looks good to me! Since the base color is supposed to be same as Pox, I've used OPI Don't Burst My Bubbles as an undies too. Once again, (I'm gonna repeat), even if I am not a fan of neons, I loved this! The blue and purple neon glitters doesn't look too striking nor dull. The warm yet cheerful look of this polish won me over immediately.

The formula for Wicked Polish is very smooth and consistent. I don't have any problem applying them. Their neither too thin nor too thick. Even with one coat of undies and 2 coats of Wicked Polish, you can see from the swatches that they don't have the goopy look on my nails and the coverage is great. I am definitely going to check out more of Wicked Polish. It's a pity that they don't ship internationally so I have to work harder in laying my hands on them!

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