Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Nails Review: Happy Hands ~ Lady Goodman & Motherboy

New indies polish tried out again! This time round, I found Happy Hands that has pretty pastel collection. I am such a sucker for pastel shades.

Lady Goodman
A dusty lilac creme polish with pink, purple and gold glitters in various shapes and sizes. The formula is a little thick with the glitter so this needs extra care to apply thin layer and allow dry time in between but the end result is so pretty, it's definitely worth the effort.

This is a clear polish with large green hexagon glitter and pastel blue, pink and puple glitters in various sizes. I absolutely love this! The application is smooth and the glitters look so pretty over a pinkish base. I've used Cuccio Bali Bliss underneath it.

The formula is inconsistent for both bottles but both of them are really pretty so I will definitely be checking out future release by Happy Hands.

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