Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Nails Review: Cult Nails

I've joined the Cult! Made my first Cult Nails purchase few months back and I haven't got the time to blog about it until now.

A royal purple polish with pink shimmers. This one is an absolute beauty. The shimmer is so bright and constrasting to the purple base. This is my favorite out of this purchase.

This is part of their 2nd Anniversary Limited Edition collection. This is packed fully with gold, silver and orange glitters. Just like the name, it looks like a blazing sun/fire. Very stunning polish but the polish is a little thick so you have to apply very thin layers and wait for it to dry between the layers.

I Got Distracted
Many people had thought that this is a black base but it's actually a very dark green jelly base with green and holographic glitters. It looks black in the botle but once I swatched a thin coat, the darken green could be seen clearly. This is a really nice polish as the glitters stood out from the dark base. I did get distracted by it. LOL!

Another one that is so not me. But this emerald green polish is filled with faint shimmer in the same color and flakes. Have you ever seen another emerald green polish that looks so pretty? This one received quite a few bit of positive comments on my instagram when I posted it up. Formula wise, this is smooth and glided on easily onto my nails.

Happy Ending
Shards! Recently I have a thing for shards. This one is filled with pastel color shards in a clear base. They can be picked up easily and each stroke is fully filled with them. I even got this one when it's on sales on Cult Nails site. Happy Ending!

Overall, the polishes are quite unique in their own way but the formula is not consistent. I like the smooth formula for Flushed and Coveted whereas Blaze and I Got Distracted is a little too thick to my likings. Happy Ending is a little streaky as you can see from my macro shot but it's not very visible under normal sight.


  1. I Got Distracted looks really cool! I love dark nails, but I also like the new glitter craze, and that one combines both :-)

    1. Dark nails with glitters are always the best combo!