Sunday, February 3, 2013

Nails Review: Darling Diva Polish

My 3rd indies polish purchase! Darling Diva Polish! I was attracted to this because they have a polish similar to Jindie Nails Candy Land but in clear polish! So here goes...

Channeling Coco
A sweet pink creme polish with dark pink and black glitters. The formula for this polish is a little thick and I have to add thinner to get this set of nails. This is a very pretty polish and I am glad that I managed to get the formula to my likings.

It was love at first sight when I lay my eyes on this polish on the Etsy shop. A white creme polish with purple and pink glitters and a bit of pink hearts in it. The formula for this one is horrible. I received my polish with dried up polish all over the bottle neck and I have to spend a hard time cleaning it up. I have to add a total of 6 drops of thinner to thin this polish out so that it applies easily. This is such a pretty polish but pity the formula is really bad.

This is the swatch for Cherubic before I added any thinner. Look how goopy it is!

Fancy Nancy
I absolutely love this one! A pink sheer polish with gold shimmers and lots of iridescent glitters, red square and large silver hexagon glitters in it. You can find pieces of pale pink hearts and diamond glitters in it too. This will definitely be a great polish for layering! The formula is fantastic for this one!

I'm Fwee
This polish is the reason why I placed my first order on Darling Diva Polish and I am so glad that it did not disappoint me. The formula is great and I don't have to go fishing for the glitters. It picks up so easily! Lots of small and large neon glitters in this polish I can use it over any color. Comparing this to Candy Land, I am liking this one more.

This is a silverish top coat with linear holographic effect! When I saw the word holographic, I knew I am getting it. Under normal room light, it looks just like a silverish shimmer polish but under bright sunlight, the holographic effect is pretty. For the price, I am actually a little disappointed as the swatches I have been viewing have shown amazing holo but no matter how I tilt and tiwst my hand under the sun, this is the best I could get out of it. I am definitely going to try other layering method to bring out this holo top coat.

Overall, I am very happy with my purchase from Darling Diva Polish except for the creme polishes. I will definitely be thinking twice about their creme polish but their glitter coats are fantastic and I must check more of them out in future!

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