Thursday, January 24, 2013

Nails Review: Jindie Nails ~ Candy Land & Barbies Have More Fun

Since I have started buying my first indie nail polish, I am now like a crazy woman going through all the Etsy stores!

Jindie Nails is very highly recommended by many bloggers and her nail polishes are almost always sold out! I managed to grab two bottle of Jindie Nails to try out.

Candy Land
A white creme polish with large and small hexagon glitters in neon! I didn't actually like this a lot but this is so not me but everyone else seems to be having it and raving about it so I just can't not add this into my cart. Just 2 coat and I can get full opacity from this.

Initially I have quite a bit of problem trying to scoop up those glitters and the formula ain't friendly at all because it is too thick. After googling about this polish, I picked up the tip to store this upside down and then the glitters did came out much more easily. I could have added some thinner to the polish to thin it out but I don't want to do that at such an early stage of ownership.

I did like this polish after I swatch it onto my nails but the formula is really a big disappointment to me.

Barbies Have More Fun
This is a white creme polish with pink and gunmetal glitters. The glitters are so packed that you won't have any problem at all spreading them evenly onto your nails. It was love at first sight when I saw this on the Etsy store. However, the formula failed once again. You can see from my swatch that they are so thick on my nails even though I have only used 2 coat and waited between the layers.

Will I buy them again? Most probably not. Although the polishes from Jindie Nails are really beautiful, I am put off by the formula in both polish that I have choosen. The formula is definitely not my cup of tea and although many people have suggested that I used a thinner, but I felt that if I have to thin every bottle of the polish that I buy from this, it might be not suitable for me afterall.

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