Monday, January 14, 2013

Nails Review: Innisfree Yogurt + Poem Nail Collection

I have finally gotten hold of the innisfree Yogurt & Poem Nail collection! All thanks to Shah for helping me to haul them back from Korea! Let's cut the long story and jump right into the nail swatches! I will reviewing the formula at the end of my post as they are pretty consistent for all 4 polishes.

Yougurt Collection No. 81 - Strawberry Yogurt
A sheer pink base with blue and pink hexagon pieces and small round lavender & silver glitters.

Yougurt Collection No. 84 - Mint Yogurt
A pale baby blue base with lots of blue and pink hexagon pieces and small round pink & silver glitters. This is a very close dupe compared to Deborah Lippmann's Glitter in the air. However the blue is brighter and less sheer as compared to DL. I don't have GITA to do a side by side comparison but based on other swatches that I have seen online, I prefer the innisfree version.

Yougurt Collection No. 85 - Raspberry Yogurt
A very sheer lavender base with pink and gunmetal hexagon pieces and silver and lavender round glitters. This is my favorite out of the 3 as it is very yogurt looking! It is very neutral with the touch of the bright and dark glitters. However, it is very sheer so I have layered it over OPI Care to Danse?.

Poem Collection No. 102 - Cherry Blossom
If you have seen my swatch for Deborah Lippmann's Mermaid's Tears, this is the perfect dupe version in pink! I didn't get 101 which many had state that it is a perfect dupe of Mermaid's Tears but the pink one is absolutely gorgeous! This polish is fully packed with gold, silver and lavender glitters! There are quite a number of pink particles in it too.

The formula is the innifree polishes are very smooth and easy to apply. The glitters can be picked up easily and I don't have any problem spreading them evenly over my nails. These nail polishes are highly recommended! Not only are they gorgeous, they comes with a very cheap price tag! I've gotten mine at KRW2,500 each directly from Korea.

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