Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Nails Review: All That Glitters

After getting crazy over all the mainstream nail polishes, I received my first purchase of indie nail polishes on the first day of 2013 and after swatching them, I have a bad news for myself....I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! 2013 is gonna be a year where I will be splurging on all the nice indie nail polishes out there. Oh gosh....I'm starting to worry about that hole in my pocket...

My first purchase was the All That Glitters nail polishes. I made a purchase on the Grab Bag for 5 random nail polishes. Since I have never owned a single nail polish from this brand, I have no worries about receiving duplicates. The owner of ATG, Kirsten, was sick after I placed my order so there was a delay in her reply which got me very worried. However, she was very generous to offer me a full size polish of my choice and a 15% discount off my next order. The customer service is definitely great at her shop.

Here's what I received from her!

Cool Yule
This is my choice of polish that Kirsten has kindly offered me. A sheer pastel blue polish with lots of purple, dark & light blue glitters. This color is so sweet! I loved it a lot. The formula is fantastic. Very easy to apply and the glitters are picks up easily from the bottle.  I used 3 coats for full opacity in my swatches.

Goody Gum Drops
A dark pink creme polish filled with blue, red, purple and green glitters. Very sweet and candy looking. This only need 2 coats for full opacity.

Cha Cha Twist
This is one of the color that I've been eyeing so you can guess how excited I was when I spotted this among my grab bag items! A blue tinted polish packed with small blue glitters and large red, black & blue glitters. You can spot some large hexagon silver glitter and blue glitter strips in the polish. The polish is very easy to apply and 2 coats for my swatches.

Glitteriest of Them All
This is part of the Princess Collection which I loved a lot. A red tinted polish packed with glitters in 7 different colors! The colors that I've spotted are yellow, green, purple, blue, green & red. I can't spot the 7th color so if anyone can see them, please do point it out to me!

Here's a picture that I have take from Kirsten's instagram to show how it looks like before she mixed the polish. Isn't it a sight to see how the polish is made?

Killer Icicles
A sheer silver polish with iridescent large and small glitters. I wasn't sure about this before I swatched it but I'm liking it better now. This will be a good one to use for layering.

Hole Hearted Remix
This is another polish that had me jumping on my bed (okay not standing...I mean jumped from my sitting position). This is on the top of my wishlist and I am so happy to find it in the parcel. A clear polish with filled with small white particles, some medium hexagons and black heart. It is really pretty on the nails but there are very few black hearts and it's a bit difficult to pick them up from the bottle. A dotting tool will be useful in this case to place the hearts in the right position.

Overall, the formula for the polish are great except for Hole Hearted Remix where I have a problem trying to avoid getting too thick of the clear polish and placing the glitters evenly on the nails. Shipping from US to Singapore only took 1.5 weeks so I didn't wait too long for it even with the usual shipment delays during the Christmas and New Year festive season. I will definitely be checking out other polishes from All That Glitters!

Updates - 31 January 2013

After the previous hiccup in the order and was pleased that Kirsten from All That Glitters offers a compromise, I've decided to place an order on her latest collection.

This time round, the hiccup happened AGAIN. 7 days went by and there wasn't a single reply from her on my order and there was no shipment. I dropped her a message on Etsy once again to check on the status of her order but 2 days went by and she did not bother to reply my messages at all (which was similar to what happened with my previous order). I tried to cancel my order on Etsy as I've decided that if she isn't going to respond to me, I will drop my order. However, the cancellation period has lapsed and I can't do it. So the only option left for me is to raise my paypal dispute and cancel the order for a refund.

To my horror, just a few hours after I opened a paypal dispute, I received a nasty message from Kirsten. She claimed that she is intending to ship my order in the next day or so and accused me of not reading her company policies and abusing my rights to open a paypal dispute. She had indicated that she has the rights to take up to 14 days to ship my order. There were CAPS in her message and many exclaimation marks too.

Honestly, all I wanted was a reply from her to update me on my order, is that so hard? I felt that if she is seriously in business, she should at least have the honour to respond if your customer ask you on the status. If she needed more time, just inform her customer and they will understand it. Like I've told her, I am not pushing her to send my items just want to know how long more does she need to prepare it for shipment. Instead of getting a reply, all I've got is a rude seller with a bad attitude.

Why did she only respond when paypal issue is opened? Doesn't that speaks something about the seller? She send in threats to me telling me not to buy from her ever again and saying that my 2 times attempt to make a paypal on claim to communicate with her is unfair. Well, in the first place, if she had managed to communicate with her customer effectively and efficiently, I don't think any customer would want to raise an issue on paypal.

I am extremely and utterly shocked at her attitude in this issue. There was no repentment in her reply and she pushed all the fault to her customer. I have also noted in her feedback on Etsy that I am not the only one who has an issue with her lies and long waiting time for the polishes.

To summarise the whole horrible experience with her, the order was cancelled and my money was refunded. I have told her that her service attitude and the lies she made to her customers are seriously not appreicated and even though she made great products, I would not consider buying from her again and I will NOT recommend her Etsy shop to anyone. If anyone is interested in her products, do consider getting them from a reseller instead as you will definitely be getting a better service and a honest seller even though you have to pay a premium for the polishes.

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