Saturday, December 22, 2012

Nails Review: butter LONDON - The Black Knight & Lovely Jubbly

I've finally got the chance to try the much raved butter LONDON nail polishes! During the Luxola sales, I've got myself The Black Knight & Lovely Jubbly.

The Black Knight
A black polish with lots of multicolor glitters packed in it. The glitters are really pretty and stands out a lot on the black base. However, I find the formula for this to be really thick. It ended up very lumpy on my nails. It's a pity that such a beautiful polish didn't get a better formula.

Lovely Jubbly
This is like a clear base version of The Black Knight. It is heavily packed with purple glitters with a mixture of blue, red & silver glitters. The formula for this one is good. Very easy to apply and not too thick even with a second coat. I actually prefer this out of the 2 polishes that I've got.

So will I still get other polishes from butter LONDON? My answer is maybe. The price is pretty steep and these 2 polishes doesn't wow me enoughy to make me wanna get more from this brand.

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