Friday, November 2, 2012

Beauty Review: Lancome Christmas Gift Sets

Lancome had launched numerous gift box set for this holiday season at great prices. Check out the list of gift sets available.

Furthermore, with every $120 purchase, you will be entitled to purchase the Happy Holidays Beauty Set worth $600 at just $105!

A shopaholic like me will never miss out such a great deal. I came home with the Visionnaire Prestige Set ($180). I loved the pretty glittering box!

The Visionnaire Prestige Set comes with a Visionnaire Serum (50ml), Visionnaire Cosmetic Water Very Moist (15ml), Genifique (7ml), Visionnaire Polishing Cream (15ml) and a Visionnaire Polishing Pad. The usual retail price for a 50ml bottle of Visionnaire is already retailing at $180. The rest of the items are considered free in this boxset! Very worthwhile.

Now that Visionnaire is a permanent item in my daily skincare routine, I was very interesting in trying out the Visionnaire Polishing Cream and I'm so glad that it came in a 15ml tub in this boxset and they even included the full size Polishing Pad. Review to follow up in a separate post after I've tried this out.

Now, my main reason for purchasing the above boxset is actually to get the Beauty Box at $105! This Beauty Box is a MUST BUY if you are a fan of Lancome products. It includes all the best selling products and the value of the contents is worth $600!

So what's in this boxset?

Bi-facil (125ml) & UV Expert BB Complete Shade 1 (30ml). Both are full size products worth $48 and $80 respectively.

Color Design Golden Frenzy Palette. This is a limited edition Xmas eyeshadow palette and it cannot be purchased over the counter. It is exclusive to this beauty box and it's worth $90+! The glittering case is such a beauty.

The palette came in 5 shades and each shade is labelled accordingly in order to get their Christmas look.

Here's the swatches. The color are very pigmented and stunning. I'm already thinking of when to use them. I like it that they are not too shining for casual daily use.

Blush Subtil Rose 20. This is one of their best selling blusher retailing at $60. A mix of baby pink, rose pink and peach pink with subtle shimmers in it. Marble blusher is my favorite as I can control the tone accordingly to my preference for the day.

Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara. This is retailing at $50. I'm not a fan of mascara as I have very short lashes but lately I have been thinking of trying out mascara so this definitely come in handy.

Mini Crayon Khol in Noir. This eyeliner is retailing at $30+.

Maquil Miracle Liquid Foundation PO-03 (5ml), Genifique Yeux Light-Pearl (5ml), Visionnaire Serum (7ml) and Genifique Yeux (5ml). These are all sample size products. I passed the Visionnaire and Genifique Yeux to my mother as I already have them. I was excited over Genifique Yeux Light-Pearl as this is their new product and I have been wanting to try it out. I was actually quite amazed that the applicator for the Light-Pearl is actually quite close to the full size applicator!

Tresor in Love EDP (5ml). I love miniatures and this one smells real good in a pretty bottle.

Mini Color Fever Gloss 321, Mini L'absolue Nu 365 and Mini L'abolue Rouge 363. I was actually not excited over the rouge as they doesn't look fantastic to me and I'm not really a gloss person. I told my mum that I will give her the rouge after I swatch them because I don't really think I will use them. However after I swatch them on my hand, I backed out on my words. LOL! The color are actually very pretty! They don't look as intense as they seems to be. In the end, I only gave my mum the 365 rouge. Well I can't take back everything but I can still borrow it if I want.

3pc Brush Set with Elegant Pouch. A foundation brush, a face powder brush and a blusher brush. Perfectly what I need as a foundation brush is currently on my wishlist. Now I can cross it out!

This beauty box is a limited edition for sales during the Christmas collection only. The SA informed me that they have limited stock for this and it is available only while stock lasts. This is a value buy and must not be missed so head over to Lancome and check it out now!

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