Saturday, October 6, 2012

Nails Review: OPI Spiderman Collection

This is a super overdue post! I can't believed I dragged on this for month. At last let's take a look at what I've got from the OPI Spiderman collection.

You can find the review for Just Spotted a Lizard here.

Call Me Gwen-Ever
This is a dusty orange polish which looks a little coral. I never owned a single orange polish before so when I saw this, it immediately went into my wishlist. Despite this being an orange tone polish, it is not vibrant so it made it easier to wear for work and casual. It is suitable for young to middle age adults. Very unique color.

Into the Night
Picture can never do justice to this polish. I really loved it in reality but no matter how hard I tried to capture its beauty, the picture can't show this beautiful polish which looks more purplish blue in reality. This metallic frosted polish reminds me of the sky that just slowly turning dark. Perfect name for it.

Your Web or Mine?
This polish wasn't on my wishlist since I had already too many pink polishes but after viewing the swatches online, it still came to me. Metallic frosted pink polish which is a little sheer. I need 3 coats to make it fully opaque. I ended up liking this polish when I swatched it. In my swatch, I topped it with Into the Night, making a fancy french manicure.

The formula for this collection is pretty good. Close to the Holland collection and I really like them. So did you get anything from this collection? This collection is a limited edition and will be discontinued once the stocks available in the market is sold out. If you have not grab yours, do it SOON!

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