Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Groupon Purchase: Body Massage with Body Wellness

It has been a long time since I last made any purchase on Groupon. Recently I had been having backaches so I decided to make a visit to Groupon site to buy a discounted massage. I chanced upon a deal with Body Wellness for a 20mins scrub + 60mins full body massage at $28. This is definitely a good deal so I went ahead to make a purchase after checking that the fine prints are okay for me.

Today I called them up to make an appointment for my purchase and to my horror, I was informed that I can only visit them during 10.30am to 4.30pm for my massage as I am a groupon customer. I told them that this is not stated on the groupon page and they told me that in that case, they can't attend to me and would need to seek management's opinion. What a horrible customer service!

Here's the link to my purchase:

As you can see from the page that the only fine prints regarding the time of visit is:
Includes complimentary use of steam bath and shower (Mon to Fri: 10.30am-4.30pm). Facilities subject to availability after stated timing.

Well I am not asking for use of their facilities and only want to go for my massage so there is no other fine prints that says I can't book an appointment outside this time frame.

Luckily, Groupon has quite a good customer support for refund on purchase where merchant is unable to fulfill their part of the deal. This is definitely a merchant's fault as I am not making an demand outside the terms of my purchase. Hence I had already emailed Groupon with my report and requested for a refund. No losses on my part.

No way I am going to visit nor purchase any beauty deals from Body Wellness again. This is gonna be my first and very last bad experience with them.

If you are thinking of buying any deals with Body Wellness, make sure you call them and check with them first because the fine prints are not useful at all as they don't do things according to the printed terms and conditions.

Update 7 Nov
Just when I have so much faith in Groupon, from my past deals, this time round Groupon had chosen to fail me. On 1 Nov, I received an email from them requesting for my purchase details so that they can work on the refund. A week has passed and after 2 followup email to them, I did not hear anything in return.

This is definitely unpleasant and I hope that Groupon would not let such a dishonest merchant destroy their reputation and image. I will update the progress after I have heard from Groupon. Otherwise, this will be my latest update that Groupon nor Body Wellness is fulfilling nor honoring the deal that they had sold online and I will not make further purchase with Groupon from now onwards.

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