Friday, October 19, 2012

Book Review: Atomic Summer by Elaine D. Walsh

"THREE friends, TWO secrets, ONE lie, and the summer that changed their lives."

This caption is definitely attracted my attention and I believed many others. I knew I want to read this book.

The story is mainly told from two point of view, Faith & Octavia, about the lives of the 3 girls. I wouldn’t called them best friend because Bernadette apparently had a character which made most people dislike her right from the start. Faith is one of the pretty and holy girl who had no flaws and is so innocent that she would believed anyone she had just met but at times she seems to be a goody two shoes. Octavia on the other hand is a serious and unattractive girl due to her family background but it can been seen in the book that she envied Faith . Bernadette, a proud girl who came from one of the richest family in the small town, smokes, crazy about boys and loved to do anything that is rebellious.

The story started in 1953 in the bomb shelter in the Vaughn house which is a regular hangout place for the 3 friends and moves along with the boys problem and family problem for each of them. Halfway through the book, the brother of Bernadette, Stephen Vaughn, came home from the Korea war and an affection grew between him and Octavia. I really loved the story between them. Both of them are very lovable characters and I kept on reading because I want to know what will happened to the both of them. I almost teared at the last few pages of the books. (Those tears are welling up in my eyes!) It has such a beautiful ending.

The plot is good and the characters are very real and interesting to read about. However the first half of the book is pretty slow as nothing seems to be happening. I still have no idea what is the secrets and what is the lie. The life in 1973 is only 1 last chapter in the book to wrap up all the loose ends. One problem is keeping up with the book. When I was particularly absorbed in a part of the story, the next chapter suddenly switched the scene to another and the last scene only came back 1 to 2 chapters down and I had already lost my touch on the storyline by then. The flow of the book could be better improved. I think the book would be even better if we could had read from Bernadette’s point of view too.

This book is a pretty light read for its content and I would recommend to anyone who wants a little bit of chick-lit, a little bit of suspense and some romance to read this book as you will be able to find them all in just one book.

Disclaimer: I have received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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