Monday, September 3, 2012

L'Oreal La Couleur Infailliable Eye Shadow

Recently I am crazy over the L'Oreal Infailliable eyeshadows. They are so long-lasting and easy to apply that I couldn't resist buying more. (Not mention budget buys!) During the recent Robinson private sales, I managed to 4 more at 20%+20% discount. That makes them less than $10 each!

002 Hourglass Beige
A very nice golden beige eyeshadow with tiny particles of silver in it. This is a great color as a highlighter. I'm using it so frequently lately.

004 Forever Pink
This is a coral pink shade and it looks slightly peachy when applied. All pink and no other color mixed in it. Definitely lived up to its name.

015 Flashback Silver
When I purchased Sassy Marshmallow previously, I had thought that it was a silver shadow under the store lighting but it turned out to be more blueish silver. So this time, I've got the Flashback Silver which is a medium tone greyish silver shadow. This can be matched with other shadows easily and sometimes I used it as an eyeliner. Very versatile color.

031 Innocent Turquoise
Yes, I mentioned in my previous post that I am not a fan of green and am not getting this...but when there is a sale...WHY NOT?? It just so easy to earn some money from me. I am so easily tempted by the word, DISCOUNT. Part of the Miss Candy collection, this is really a pretty turquoise shadow. I am not sure how frequent I will used it impulse purchase...

032 Sassy Marshmallow & 036 Naughty Strawberry
I had decided to add them to this post to complete my Infailliable shadow collection post. To read about them, you can refer to my previous post. This actually gave a more true view of the Sassy Marshmallow shadow.

The shadows actually looked very glimmering under the lights but the real color can be reflected well in shades as shown in the 2 swatches below:
under light

in shade

For those who can't afford or doesn't want to fork out the money on Giorgio Armani's Eyes to Kill, these are good substitute for their long lasting effect. As for texture wise, Eyes to Kill definitely win hands down. Personally I would prefer L'Oreal for the price and GA ETK for the texture.

L'Oreal Infailliable eyeshadow can be found in all major department stores, Guardian and Wastons at $14.90 each.

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