Saturday, September 22, 2012

iPhone 5!

after my iphone 4 always crashing on me...I finally laid my hands on the new iPhone 5! This is the first time I ever join the rush to reserve and queue on the first day of launch to get an iPhone. A whole new experience which is both frustrating and enjoyable.

The frustration came when I was trying to beat the high traffic at Singtel website to book a slot for the collection of my iPhone 5 on 21 September 2012. When I finally got in and book the slot and model that I wanted, I almost wanted to cry out loud with happiness!

Next is the counting down to 21 Sep and the collection process is smooth and fuss free. I queued to get in, collect a queue number, purchase and check my new phone and pay for it all in 1 hour. I was lucky to be picked by a staff to jump the queue because I was standing near a vacant counter who's numbering system failed.

Here's the sneak preview of the new iPhone 5 in white and silver!

It's so sleek and classy! The speed of the new iPhone 5 is really amazing too. Reception is good even in the MRT tunnel. My iPhone was never ever able to get reception in the tunnel nor any data connection. However I test my iPhone 5 on my way home and I can call my friend in the tunnel and send messages via whatsapp at ease. Thumbs up!

When I reached home, I was even happier to realize that my area does have 4G network! LTE network! Lightning fast!

I'm a super happy girl and I can't sleep tonight while I am still feeling so excited!

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