Sunday, September 30, 2012

Food Review: Itacho Sushi

I have heard great reviews about Itacho Sushi and the last time I went there with Jen, I was feeling sick and grouchy so didn't get to enjoy the food at all. This time round, I visited Itacho at Jcube with Miaka and the experience is definitely much better.

Each of us had the mini main. I opted for Cold Udon in sesame sauce and miaka opted for the Char Siew Udon. Both of them were delicious. The Cold Udon is something different that I had never tried before. Although it is slightly salty, I still liked it for the egg! 

I am an egg lover so the tamago roll is something that you would definitely see on my dining table. We had the Tamago with Curry Lobster filling. Sweet and nice! It is served warm. I would had preferred it to be warmer. It would taste even better.

When you are at Itacho, you must not missed the 50% discount items. We had our Salmon with sweet sauce, full octopus and scallop sushi from the special menu. I am missing those scallop now!

The recent promotion item in Itacho is the Yellow Tail sushi. We ordered a few varieties and it is pretty good for the price of $1.90 each.

The sashimis at Itacho are very fresh. It is definitely highly recommended to get your craving for sashimi fixed there. However, I felt that the restaurant is slightly over-rated online. The food is definitely good but not fantastic to make me yearn for more.

I will definitely recommend the place to my friends and will be back in future.

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