Monday, September 3, 2012

Comex 2012 & Olympus XZ-1

I have a new baby! My Olympus XZ-1 in white! I'm so happy to had got this at a bargain during my visit to Comex 2012 last Friday. This means good quality photo for my blogs in future. Yeah! All thanks to Daniel for helping me to research and advise me on which camera to buy within my budget and user friendly for a dummy like me. The picture quality of my new baby is reeeaaaal good~

Shah go the Olympus mini pen which is more pro than mine and although she attempted to psycho me into buying that for just $60 more, the manual functions and complicated settings made me dizzy and I decided to stick to XZ-1 with easy selection of the image mode I want.

In the end, I spent much more than I had intended. I had initially wanted just to get a harddisk only but ended up with lots more stuffs....

I was smiling from ear to ear because I saved $110 on my harddisk when the cashier told me that I can used my Citibank reward points to offset the bill. In the end I only paid $9 for it! *HAPPY*

Then I told Shah that we had to go before I spent more and that's when the sonicgear booth caught my attention and I ended up with a pair of in-ear earphones that I had been wanting to get and a Campus purple laptop bag. (the handle of my old one is coming off already)

Well my buys were all justified weren't they? Okay that may be excuses but at least I am a Happy Girl now!

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