Saturday, August 25, 2012

Majolica Majorca Puff De Cheek Review

When I first saw these cute cans at the Majolica Majorca booth at Watsons last year, I was like "OMG! They are so cute!" and then they slipped my mind until I came across them again during the Watsons Member Sale. Sadly, they were already out of stock by then.

This year, when I spotted them AGAIN during the Watsons Member Sales, I grabbed them without second thoughts! I am so glad that I did that because this blusher is just so sweet and adorable! Just look at the cute can they came in. I loved that puff with ribbon it in. (I am such a ribbon maniac!)

These blusher are unlike the powder or cream blusher that are commonly found from all major brands. They are actually tinted and it is almost impossible to pick them up with a brush. I had to swap my fingers for various times before the color could be picked up do brightly. The picking up was done more smoothly with the puff.

However, it applied easily on the skin and the color turned out soft and sweet! Nothing like my initial worry that it would be too pink or orange on my finger.

These are going to be my favorite blusher from now on! Unfortunately, the can size means I wouldn't bring it out because I'm afraid that I would spoil the can when its in my bag!

These are still available at Watsons at S$22.90 each! Grab them before they are gone! You will not regret this purchase.


  1. The reason why I am so wanting this is just because of its cute packaging. I didn't know that this is quite creamy. My initial thought was this is a powder blush. Too bad the queue at Watson sale was too insane. It would took me an hour to reach the cashier. I end up didn't getting anything :(

    1. Yeah the packaging is really attractive and can be reused to store other items too =)