Saturday, August 4, 2012

L'Oreal Miss Candy La Couleur Infaillible Eye Shadow Review

I had noticed that there are more and more cream base eyeshadow launching in the market and it is getting more popular with all the beauty fanatics. From Giorgio Armani's Eyes to Kill to Chanel Illusion d'Ombre, the formulas were great and long lasting, not to mention the hefty price tag that comes with it. I am not a big fan of eyeshadows in the past so I had never been interested in those creamy shadows until I laid my eyes on L'Oreal's latest Miss Candy Infaillible eye color.

From L'Oreal website:
L’Oréal Paris unveils its latest eye shadow. Ultra-intense colour, up to 24 hour long-lasting hold and velvety soft feel.
At the heart of the revolution: a hybrid powder texture, a luxuriously creamy eye shadow. Intense colour in just a stroke. The formula is both water resistant and smudge resistant and does not run into fine lines around the eyes.

I am not a fan of green so I had skipped the Innocent Turquoise.

Sassy Marshmallow is a silver based shadow with some pink, green & blue particles in it. It is a very versatile color that can goes well with any other color. A must have if I had to choose only one.

Naughty Strawberry is a pink based shadow with gold particles. The shade when mixed with sassy marshmallow gave a very pretty lilac color just like what you see in the picture below.

The infaillible eye shadow are said to be waterproof and long lasting against smudge for up to 24hours. The curious me decided to test it under a running tap...

After 10 second under the running tap, the eyeshadow are still looking bright and strong!

The Miss Candy Infaillible eyeshadow are retailing at S$14.90 at all authorized retailers. For the reasonable price tag and great quality, I will definitely be checking out the other infaillible eyeshadow from L'Oreal!

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