Friday, August 3, 2012

Etude House 24Hrs Proof 10 Eyeliner Review

Yes…this is yet another post about Etude House eyeliner. Being someone who rubs her eyes frequently, I desperately need an eyeliner that can withstand my constant rubbing. The Etude House eyeliner is still highly recommended by me after months from my first post.

During my recent trip to Seoul, I stocked up my eyeliner in all the colors available in the store! The eyeliner cost $18.90 in Singapore but it only cost 6,000 wons in Seoul! (equivalent to S$6+!). The beauty stuffs in Singapore are seriously overpriced…

Here’s a look at my current collection!

And look at these pretty colors swatched!   
From left to right: Black, Grey, Brown, Khaki & Purple

The eyeliner are said to last for at least 24 hours and I had tested and proven that it could last at least a good 15 hours without smudge and fade! Comparing these to other higher end eyeliner like Giorgio Armani and Chanel that I had tried, this budget eyeliner definitely last longer in comparison. Sometimes it’s not that brand that counts. It’s the quality =)


  1. Is it creamy? Does it glide on easily? sometimes eye pencils can take a lot of effort to actually get the colour on the eye :/

    1. This is not creamy but it glides on very easily. This one doens't need much effort to get the color on. It's pretty good :)