Tuesday, August 28, 2012

8 years Blogging-versary

Can you believed it? My blog is 8 years old today!

I had been reading my past posts from 2004 and it made me realized that I had changed in terms of my mindset and also the way I speak and write. This blog can be considered my growing diary!

I first started blogging in 2004 when I was still a kid (in terms of my thinking) and blogs were uncommon. Most of my friends doesn't even blog at all back then. Nobody reads my blog except for 1 or 2 friends. Most of the time I blogged for my friend who was studying in Australia back then to be updated on what is happening to me in Singapore and I also read her blog to get updated.

My addiction back then was manga, anime & the MMORPG game Ragnarok Online. I could spent hours playing everyday and even falling asleep in front of my PC while I am still holding on to the mouse tightly! All my money goes to buying manga every week! What a poor girl I was back then....haha

In late 2005, my obsession of RO ended and I moved on to watching dramas and movies . I started renting & buying lots of DVDs to watch over the weekdays evening and even on weekends! And guess what? I started getting addicted to Maple Story! Always a fan of online games. haha..

In 2006, I started getting addicted to travel & shopping. I started buying beauty stuffs and more clothes & shoes for myself. I was never concerned about my outlook in the past. I can go out to work and on weekends without makeup and I don't feel weird at all.

In 2007, I stopped visiting the library so frequently and started buying my own english novels! In the same year, my passion for manga began to die off. I stopped buying and began to start reading online instead...

In 2008, I joined SingTel and there I met a group of great colleagues and are now my great friends! My shopping obsession grew during this year and my room began to be filled with more stuffs...and I began to indulge in luxury bags...

In 2009, I took a short break from work and experienced the lifestyle of an online seller. I don't have much capital and definitely no marketing knowledge to boost sales and business. Hence shortly after...I went back to office work at the end of the year. haha!

In 2010, I got to know another group of nice colleagues from BD and we still have gathering nowadays! My blog began to be filled up with funny and interesting conversation between me and my colleagues everyday. This is the year with the most happy posts! During this year, I also started taking beauty supplements and reviewed a little about them.

In 2011, I was addicted to online shopping and the stuffs in my wardrobe grew x 3 in quantity! I also began to explore nail polishes and got hooked to painting my nails and buying all the latest collection out there by OPI & China Glaze. My blog began to be filled up with posts on reviews on my purchased, beauty products that I've tried, restaurants that I had visited and also my nails painting.

Now in 2012, I realized that nothing much had changed from 2011. Maybe I had reached a stagnant stage in my life? mid life crisis???

Well whatever is happening to me after this, as long as you are still reading my blog, you would definitely be kept in the loop!

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