Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hauls from Anna Sui Private Sales

The first-ever Anna Sui Private Sales was held on 14 to 15 July 2012 at their Isetan Scotts counter, exclusively to Isetan members only. I am always a fan of the beautiful cases from Anna Sui so this time round, I am making good use of their private sales to get some of their products to try.

I actually wanted to get their powder foundation and loose powder but sadly, they were not on sales because they are the bestsellers. It's quite disappointing because if those are the bestsellers, some minor discount (5 to 10%) on them would had helped Anna Sui to boost even more sales.

In the end, I was attracted to the nice packaging of their lip rouge and nice selection of eye colors. Here's my complete haul with freebies for the day...

The boxes and cases are really beautiful! They really win hands down on the packaging of their products.

Now here are the swatches of the products that came home with me:

Anna Sui Rose Cheek Color ~ Fard A Joues Rose in 500
This is the only item in my purchase that wasn't on sales. It was also the first thing that caught my eyes when I stepped into their counter. I am a fan of blusher and this beautiful mix of browns and pinks is simply irresistible. The blusher came in 4 different tones from nude to orange brown to pinkish brown and chocolate brown. You can mixed and use whichever color you felt like using for the day and the chocolate brown can be used as a contour for people who wished to achieve a sharper chin. Otherwise you could just dab on the color of your choice and use it as a eyeshadow! This is a classic bestseller from Anna Sui retailing at S$49.

From top to bottom: Orange Brown, Nude, Pinkish Brown, Chocolate Brown

Anna Sui Eye Color in 302 & 900
The single eye color was going at 50% discount from their retail price S$35.00. I laid my eyes on the pastel pink and green shadows. These colors are easy to match and green is one of the trendy color for 2012. I wasn't very keen on the green shadow (#900) when J pointed it out to me since I'm not a fan of the color green. However, once I swatched it over my hand, I'm sold. The green looks so vibrant and sweet and since I don't have any green eyeshadow, its definitely a good buy for me. (excuses...excuses...) The pink shadow (#302) was more of a rose pink with slight shimmer. Unlike other glittery pink eyeshadows that I had, this color is darker and the shimmers were not over excessive.

From Left to Right: Single Eye Color #302 & #900, Duo Eye Color #05 & #06

Anna Sui Eye Color Duo in #05 & #06
Next up is the Duo Eye Color at 50% off their retail price of S$51. Do refer to the above picture for the swatches. #05 is a mix of light glittery lilac with a dark mauve eyeshadow whereas #06 is a mix of light glittery blue with a violet eyeshadow. I was interested in #05 but wasn't very sure if the dark mauve would suit me. However, the kind SA explained and demo to me how I could mix and match the dark mauve and that the red based mauve would actually look less bruise-y on the eyes as compared to the blue based violet one.

Anna Sui Lip Rouge G304 & V461
The lip rouge was only on 25% sales off their retail price of $40. However, I am very keen to try out if their rouge was comparable to the moisturizing effect of Chanel & Dior, given the lower price tag. After testing out various pink and nude rouge. I finally settled on G304. It's actually a glittering pinkish nude lip rouge and it looks very natural on the lips yet pinkish from certain angle. The glitters were not difficult to clean off with a basic remover. No super sweet scent and after 5mins on my lips, its still moist. The Rouge V461 is a freebie from Anna Sui. I was actually quite indecisive whether to choose the nude, orange or red rouge from the list. The nude would definitely be the best choice but I was hoping to try something louder and not what I already had. In the end I went for the deep red rogue. The red actually doesn't looked so bad on my lip! This would be a good color for events where I need to dress up.

From left to right: G304 and V461

I am definitely very satisfied and happy after spending a bomb at Anna Sui...haha...
However retail therapy is always the best therapy after a rough week at work. Now I can definitely say that I had a great weekend!


  1. Great Grab :D!
    I really like that turquoise eyeshadow!

    Do you know by any chance if eye pencils, brushes and accessories are on sale as well? Meaning to drop by tomorrow :)

  2. Yes the teal eyeshadow is a real beauty. You definitely have to get it if you are dropping by tomorrow. =)

    There are many other items on sales too. I sort of remember that the eye pencils, liners and mascara are going at 50% too! Brushes and accessories are not on sales though.

  3. aww that's a shame, shall rearrange my shopping list then haha! Hope I won't run into crazy Q's

    Thanks a lot for the quick answer :)!

  4. No problem! Have fun shopping and do look out for one of the more matured lady who is their trainer. She had been a great help to me today in helping to choose the products and teaching me the different ways to mix and match them. Sadly I didn't get her name.