Sunday, June 10, 2012

OPI New York City Ballet Collection Review

After a long wait for the OPI New York City Ballet Collection, I finally laid my hands on then in early April but I had been too busy to post up the reviews until now (2 months late!)

The soft color palette and effortlessly chic style of the urban ballerina comes to life in this elegant ensemble of six dreamy nail lacquer.

1. Barre My Soul - sheer beige which is gorgeous and that's the "naked" truth
2. Care to Danse? - A lilac that is up-to-the-minuet in fashion
3. You Callin' Me a Lyre? - An ascending pink hitting all the right notes
4. Don't Touch My Tutu! - Wispy white
5. My Pointe Exactly - Sheer gray
6. Pirouette My Whistle - A silver sparkle

I didn't get all 6 colors but I had 4 up for review here.

Barre My Soul
Very sheer beige polish that looks closed to my skin tone in the shades. If you are a lover for naked & nude polishes/makeup, this color is a must.

under the lights
in the shade

You Callin' Me a Lyre?
A sheer and soft pink, not anywhere near pastel. The color is more sheer on the nails than in the bottle. You need 3 coats if you want a more opaque look.
under the lights

in the shade
Care to Danse?
Okay..purple is my favorite color so I might be bias but this is my favorite color in this collection. Very soft lilac polish that looks great under the lights and in shade.
under the lights
in the shade
Pirouette My WhistleThis is my next favorite glitter top after China Glaze Fairy Dust. Both of them looks similar except that Pirouette My whistle are more generous in the silver sparkles and had some hex glitter pieces in it whereas China Glaze Fairy Dust is more soft with the sparkles. Here's how it looks like over Care to Danse? (and I've got OPI retweeting this picture after I posted it on my twitter! Yeah!)

Overall this collection is great for soft and sheer colors when you are not trying to catch the attention of others to your nails. I personally felt that ballerina would definitely looks great with this collection on their nails during their performance!

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