Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Color Club Magic Attraction + Sugarplum Fiary

I had been reading and hearing about Color Club nail polishes but I had never owned a single bottle. So the curious me picked up 2 bottles from the usual site where I purchased my nail polishes from. Being a glitter fan, of course I picked up the glitter types - Magic Attraction & Sugarplum Fairy.

Reviews online had mentioned that these 2 polishes are very closed to one another and these gave me the idea to mix them together on my nails. The end result is this.....

They are definitely look-a-like but one can easily tell the difference between them. Magic attraction is a clear polish with pink & holographic glitters whereas Sugarplum Fairy like its name, is a clear polish with purple & holographic glitters.

On my nails above, I had 1 coat of magic attraction and I used another coat of sugarplum fairy for a gradient effect on the tip. The outcome is great! Due to the closeness between the 2 color, they blended well with each other. The picture did no justice to how bright my nails are looking. The holographic effect is very strong in both polish.

I am pretty amazed at the formula. They are very easy to apply. Unlike some glitter polishes that are thick and hard to spread, the Color Club polishes spread easily and evenly. I am definitely a new fan of Color Club nail polishes after trying out these 2.  

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