Monday, June 18, 2012

Brunch at Brunetti

After my brunch at Ardent's Cafe, I am still craving for more eggs and of course food to relieve my stress accumulating from work the past few weeks.

This time round, I made my way to Brunetti located at Tanglin Mall. This place was just opened last year and they are really popular in Melbourne. After reading up on the good reviews online, my love and I made our way there.

Unlike other places, Brunetti does not served All Day Breakfast. Breakfast are only served between 9-11am on Mon-Fri and 9-12noon on weekends. However, the price are surprisingly reasonable!

Not having egg benedict for quite some time, I ordered a Sicilian Eggs Benedict this time.

The eggs were nicely done and the hollandaise saurce is just suitable for my taste buds. Bacon were a bit soft (not cripsy enough) but not too saltish. The ham and melted cheese on top of the baguette blended in well with the whole dish. The mushrooms were hidden under the greens but they were good too! This is definitely one of the better eggs benedict that I had and it only costs $12.90. No GST, no service charge.

For beverage, I ordered the Chai Latte that had won many reviewers heart. It did won mine too~
The cinnamon taste is strong and the drink is not too spicy. However I would still prefer a cup of Cafe Latte for breakfast as compared to the Chai Latte.

After the filling breakfast, we sat there for another hour and decided to go for a 2nd round. How can we not have it when you are starring at this spread?

We ordered a Pear and Cheese Crumble with Mango Granita & Brunetti Iced Tea. The Brunetti Iced Tea is definitely very special as it is served with a scoop of Lemon Sorbet! The Mango Granita on the other hand is a bit too sweet for me. The most disappointing is the Pear & Cheese Crumble. The cheese is not strong and the cake is too tough. I can't taste any hint of pear in it at all.  Maybe next time I would tried something else.

The breakfast was very satisfying but the pastry did add a little disappointment to my visit. The staff at Brunetti were generally nice except for one lady who shouted at me when I was taking a picture of their cake spread. If no photography is allowed, I would appreciated it if you could had spoken nicely to me instead of shouting "Hey! No photo!". That is a very very rude gesture to your customer.

I would definitely be back for the breakfast and try other pastry to see if they would won me for a third visit.


  1. Just wanna let you know that I have nominated your blog for the Liebster blog award. Please continue to write awesome stuffs. :)