Sunday, June 10, 2012

Brunch at Ardent's Cafe

I am an egg lover and where there is an all day breakfast cafe/restaurant, I would definitely find my way there. After I returned from Korea, I am super deprived of English & Italian food! I'm so sick of rice and kimchi!

So the Saturday after my return, Ms H and myself headed down to 80 Neil Road where Ardent's Cafe is located. It's just a 10-15 mins walk from Outram Park MRT station and it's near the Pinnacles @ Duxton.

I was greeted by very friendly staffs when I reached and the Cafe was very quiet with only 2 other tables filled. The place looked more like a quiet pub than a cafe.

Their menu...

I was looking through the drinks menu for their coffee and I realized that it's all alcoholic drinks! I was puzzled and was surprised that they don't served coffee until I came to the last page... those who drank coffee there are all Virgins. LOL! Interesting concept.

I settled down for their Big Breakfast, opting for the snail sausages, scrambled egg, sauteed mushrooms, potato balls & smoked salmon.

The food is nicely done and I really liked them. The potato balls were crispy and tasty, sauteed mushroom was good but could be better if its a little warmer. The snail sausages is something new to me but it has some cheese bites in it which satisfied my taste bud. Scrambled egg is a little on the plain side.

Ms H opted for the Egg Montreal...

For the beverages, we had Flat White & Mocha.

Overall, the service and food are good, they could do more with the coffee arts but I'm fine without any. I would definitely be back again!

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