Saturday, March 24, 2012

MUJI 5-tier Drawer

After looking at how neatly miaka's cosmetics were packed in MUJI's drawers, I decided to go get one for myself but I couldn't find hers but I've got another one. The MUJI 5-tier Acrylic PP Drawers!

It costs me $39 but I am really satisfied with it!

Look how I can view all my cosmetics from the top!

All beauty products neatly lined inside the drawer!

My neat beauty corner in my wardrobe!

I really want a dressing table where I can lay out all my stuffs on it but unfortunately my room is too small and it is really impossible to fit in a dressing table. I am hoping for the day to come when I can have a big room all to myself and have all my things neatly laid out!


  1. We go Muji to help u pre order the 6 drawers one that I had :) I super love Muji's drawers, just tidy up the area immediately.