Thursday, February 23, 2012


Im blogging from Changi Airport T2 now!

Wanted to be adventurous and take the mrt to airport but when i saw so many empty taxis cruising on the road...i gave in....LOL! So here i am so much earlier than the others...

The day started positively with my encounter with 2 people that I must compliment.

Person 1 - DBS customer service officer
I was cashless and trying to locate an ATM to withdraw some cash but the 2 ATMs that I could locate are out of service. The panic me, called up DBS to ask if there are any other ATMs around and the officer was very nice to not only help me locate another ATM but to help me check if there was any working activities so that I won't make any empty trip. Thumbs up!

Person 2 - a staff at the airport
After knowing that there is one working ATM, i tried to track it down but I just can't see it. I approached a few people and they were all as clueless as me. Finally one staff knew where it was and he actually guided me to it! Another thumbs up!

Im very sure this would be a good trip with my day starting so well! :)

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