Monday, February 6, 2012

4 course dinner @ The Tastings Room

Okay....I bought Groupon again!
This time I bought the Groupon for "$36 for 4 Course Set Meal for 1 pax at The Tastings Room in Marina Square (Worth $72.50)"

  • Delicious menu items for seafood lovers
  • Spread of French and Italian cuisines
  • Try the Signature Squid Ink Linguine
  • Great wine list of over 50 varieties
  • Great for a romantic date
  • Appetizer (Tomato Bruschetta with Mozzarella Gratin OR Pan Seared Scallop with Salmon Roe)
  • Soup (Seafood Smoked Vine Tomato Soup OR Truffle Mushroom Puree Soup)
  • Pasta (Squid Ink Linguine with Fresh Calamari OR Pesto Cream Fettuccine with ‘Sous Vide’ Chicken Breast)
  • Dessert (Earl Grey Crème Brulee OR Warm Banana Cake with Ice Cream)

For appetizer, both Ms H and myself had the Pan Seared Scallop with Salmon Roe. The scallop was a little overcooked and I believed they could have been more generous with their serving for salmon roe because on one of my scallop, there was only 1 tiny pathetic roe on it. Taste is okay.

For the soup, I had to get the Truffle Mushroom Puree Soup since I'm a mushroom lover. The soup is thick but on the oily side and it is not even warm. I felt that it had been cooked and left in the pot for quite sometime before serving it to us, without heating it up again. Overall, it's just okay for me.

Ms H had their seafood smoked vine tomato soup which she says its okay only too.

Next came the main course. I'm not really a fan of squid ink pasta so even though it's their signature dish, I opted for the Pesto Cream Fettuccine with 'Sous Vide' Chicken Breast. To be honest, the pasta is a huge disappointment. Some of my pasta were still hard and uncooked or sticking together. The sauce is also tasteless. Luckily the chicken breast meat was quite tender and saved the dish. For once, I didn't finish the pasta even though cream pasta is my favorite.

Ms H had their signature dish, Squid Ink Linguine, which she didn't enjoy much too.

After the huge disappointment in their main course, we were hoping that the dessert could save the meal. Luckily, it did.....just a little.

I had the warm banana cake with ice cream. The vanilla ice cream is great but the cake is not warm enough and not much taste of banana in it.

Ms H had their earl grey creme brulee which I had tried and like it. Strong taste of earl grey and rich. This could easily be the best we had eaten for our whole meal.

Overall, the meal is soso. We didn't enjoy it as much as we hoped for. The atmosphere in the restaurant seems good but not for us as we were being seated right in front of the entrance with the door wide open and people entering and exiting. Not something I enjoyed. We had thought that we were seated there because we were groupon buyers and I did noticed later on that others who came with the Groupon were seated further in with better seats. I made my reservation 1 month ahead so I believed that I am not someone who called at the last minute and got the last table right before the entrance.

For the price of $36, I felt that the whole meal is overpriced and I would not even pay for the same price to come back again.

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