Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sophie Monk Blackhead Bye Bye Set

After reading Ms H's blog about her wrong buy (Sexy Look instead of Sophie Monk), I decided to get one set to try it out too!

From my observation, Sophie Monk products are only available at Guardian and Sexy Look at Watsons. Let me know if this is wrong...

After I bought it, I made a comparison between the packaging and noticed that they actually quite similar!

  1. Pink packaging
  2. Has a strawberry on the box
  3. Modeled by Taiwan female artist
  4. Square box
  1. Model for Sophie Monk is Makiyo and Model for Sexy Look is T-ana
  2. Sophie Monk box has pink and white stripes while Sexy Look box has light pink polk dots on pink box
  3. Steps pictures are different.
  4. Sophie Monk has Japanese wordings and Sexy Look has Chinese wordings.
Let's take a look at the 2 boxes.

Here's how it looks like inside the packaging

Alright cleansed my face and now it's time to start using this!

Step 1: Deep Sebum Softener
Take 2 - 3 drops and apply over the area which you want to use the mask on. Gently massage for 2-3mins then rinse off with lukewarm water.
Benefits: Soften whiteheads, blackheads and dead skin cell.

My Verdict: After less than a minute, there are no more sebum left for massage! So it's either you get more sebum or stop the massaging...I stopped....

Step 2: Sebum Purifying Mask
Apply an adequate amount of the mask on wet skin. Make sure it covers the pores well, then leave for 20-30mins. After the mask is completely dry, peel it from down to up.
Benefits: Absorb deep into pores to clean out oils and dirt, removing black

My verdict: very thick mask and easy to apply. It doesn't requires a lot to cover my nose area. The mask has a very strong sweet strawberry smell and I noticed that there are tiny particles in the masks which foams bubble-like texture on the surface. Took much longer to dry for me....

Step 3: Pore Treatment Essence
Apply the treatment essence on the area where the mask has been applied earlier.
Benefits: Helps to minimize pore appearance and tightens the pores, leave skin smooth and soft.

My Verdict: It does minimize pore appearance but it made my nose more oily...

Here's the peel off for a view on how much blackheads were removed from my nose...

I wonder is my mask is too thin because it doesn't actually remove much blackheads for me unlike other review. It's either I doesn't have much blackhead or it doesn't work as well.

I'm gonna try it again sometime this week with a thicker layer and update this review. Or maybe I can try it on Ms H when she came visiting next time...hehe

I tried it for the 2nd time, this time with a much thicker application and the result is still the same. Not much removal of blackheads so I'm not posting any picture since what you will be seeing would be the same as the above.

For $23.90, this is definitely a very expensive set that didn't really help with blackheads. I shall stick to the Biore Pore Pack for now.

I noticed that some readers are chancing upon this post for Sexy Look review. If you are looking for Sexy Look review, you may want to refer to Ms H's blog instead. http://mshliladventures.blogspot.com/2011/12/sexy-look-black-head-pore-cleanser-set.html

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