Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Gossip Girl Ep 100

What a happening episode!
I simply can't believed that Blair chosed to marry the prince! Why not Chuck!!

Anyway I emailed B n S (Yes! We had had the same initial as GG show. So we started calling each other by our initial. They say im lil J...lol)

In case you didn't watch Gossip Girl....in the show...
Serena Van Der Woodsen = S
Blair Waldorf = B
Jenny Humphrey = Lil J
While we were all feeling so sad that Blair didn't choose Chuck, the following happened between us.....

S: Blair is soooooooooooooo STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nvm i will give my love to him then! hahahaha

Me: He’s mine! U must queue

B: Ehhh...u all.....get the facts right.....I am ‘B’. Chuck is meant for me! He loves me!! whahahahha

S: B! U are married to the Prince! Remember? Hahahahaha!

B: But his heart is still with me!!! wahahahha

Me: His heart is with u but his body is mine...And...u r S....Chuck is ur brother. U can’t have him! Lil J can have Chuck! Yeah! I win i Win!

hahaha...we are all so crazy over Chuck Bass!


  1. We are mad over Chuck Bass!!!! Wahahahahaahhaha!!!! Stupid B! Choose to run away with lonely boy! OMG! What was she thinking about? STUPID!!!!