Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Book Review: Christmas Jars - Jason F Wright

how time passed when I am reading...
just 3 hours and I had completed yet another book!

Visited the library today to return my books that were due and I went to take a walk around the library and I found these!

You can't imagine how excited I was when I saw them! One of my favorite author and the books were in good and CLEAN condition. (Yes....I won't borrow a book from the library if it is dirty irregardless of how much I wanted to read it....I am that fussy)

Now onto the review....

Keep some tissues on hand for this holiday story that is sure to be a Christmas classic!

Where had it come from? Whose money was it? Was I to spend it? Save it? Pass it on to the someone more needy? Above all else, why was I chosen? Certainly there were others, countless others more needy than I...Her reporter’s intuition insisted that a remarkable story was on the verge of the front page.

Rising newspaper reporter Hope Jensen uncovers the secret behind the "Christmas Jars" – glass jars filled with coins and bills anonymously given to people in need. But Hope discovers much more than she bargained for when some unexpected news sets off a chain reaction of kindness and brings above a Christmas Eve wish come true.

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

This story is all about giving and learning how your little acts could saved and helped someone else. The story is very enticing and it kept you reading on wanting to know the story behind the origins of the Christmas Jars.

I teared at one point because it was so sad. I could felt the regrets and sadness of Hope Jensen when she realized that she was late.  (shall not elaborate more...if not it would spoil your reading)

There is a twist in the book which I had already guessed the truth when I read about the certain small scene which some would had missed out. But the ending was sweet and touching.

Conclusion: Highly recommended! This is a must read for all bookworms out there. It could change how you view life and wealth (at least I did a little). I even had the temptation to start keep a jar (not to give to strangers) to save how much I can save in a year with the loose change that wouldn't affect my daily life if they weren't in my wallet. 

I'm gonna go start on the other book....Christmas Jars Reunion.

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