Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Beauty Tips : Oil Blotting Paper

Do you know, using oil blotting paper excessively actually make your face more oily?

Most people loves to use oil blotting paper all day long and I have friends who could use up to 10 sheets a day!

Our skin actually needs a layer of oil and when you keep removing the oil on your face, it is actually telling it to reproduce more oil. Hence when you start blotting away regularly to keep your face shine-free, it is actually doing harm to your skin!

I stay away from oil blotting paper as much as I can and only use a piece of tissue to gently swipe across my oily T-zone area in the middle of the day. Since I stopped using the blotters, I actually find my T-zone less oily.

Try out for 1-2 weeks not to use any oil blotting paper on your skin and you may just spot the difference.

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