Sunday, December 11, 2011

McDelivery vs Pizza Hut Delivery

Once again, McDelivery failed me.

I was never a fan of MacDonald to begin with and I just had a sudden craving for their nuggets so I called up at 5pm to place an advance order for them to deliver to me at 7.30p.m. The person who picked up my call said "Due to overwhelming response, I cannot take in your order. Please call back an hour later." 5pm and overwhelming response for advance order???

Alright nevermind...since I'm craving for it, I called back again at 6.05pm and once again the person say "pls call us 1 hr later due to overwhelming response." Another hour??? Okay I'm not so hungry yet so I can wait.

At 7.10pm, I called up again and guess what? I get the same reply again!!! WTF! What kind of service is this?
Are they telling me that I should just skip dinner and order during supper instead? If you cannot take in any order an hour later, don't keep asking people to call back an hour later! I waited 2 hours just to keep hearing the same reply??? Seriously bucked up! With such service standard, you are gonna lose more customer. I won't die without your nuggets!

So now I gave pizza hut a call to order my pasta and they accepted my orders immediately with my first call and I can get my food within an hour! This is the difference between MacDonald service and others. Pizza definitely took longer to cook than your burger but yet they can do a good job with 1 outlet near my house and yet you with 3 outlets in my area can't manage to take in any order. Do something about this lacking in service!

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