Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Increase in taxi fare

This morning I heard on the radio that taxi fare in Singapore is going up again! Seriously taking a taxi is already so expensive now and they still wanna increase the price. Not to mention the overcrowded MRT everyday during peak period.

From 12 December 2011 6am onwards, the new fare will take effect for all Comfort Delgro taxis. I have summarized the changes as follows:
  1. Flag down fee increased by $0.20
  2. Meter will jump by $0.02 more
  3. City Area surcharge are applicable on Sunday too!
  4. Advance booking fee is now $8! (RIDICULOUS!)
  5. Peak Period Surcharge reduced to 25% but extended to midnight and even on public holidays!
  6. Public Holiday Surcharge removed
A look at the changes simply tells you that the removal of public holiday surcharge does nothing at all. It happens 5 times a year and the other increase are happening almost everyday! Taxi business is definitely gonna suffer...

SMRT and Trans-cab are reviewing the market's reaction before their follow Comfort's action to increase the price of their taxis. However Prime Taxi had indicated that they had no plans to increase their taxi prices unless more than half of their drivers are in favour to this price hike.

I am widely known by my friends as a cab queen who took cab whenever and wherever I can. But with this new change, I doubt I will be taking as much taxi as I am right now. I rather spend the time to wait for comfortable space on the MRT than to pay to the blood sucking taxi companies!

5 years ago, I used to be able to board any train at Jurong East MRT Station during the morning peak as long as I am willing to squeeze with others and during the evening peak, I have no problem getting onto the first train in the middle platform. However, as of today, I usually have to wait for at least the 3rd train if I squeeze and move forward together with the crowd for the middle platform train. This is how bad the public transport had become.

With the increasing foreign talent and immigrants coming into Singapore, Singaporean are indeed getting very uncomfortable in this overcrowded country. While the government are trying to get foreigners to come into Singapore, do you know that Singaporean are dying to get out because we felt that our voices are not heard?

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