Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Clarisonic Mia Sonic Skin Cleansing System

My Clarisonic Mia Cleanser is here! I love it so much!

I have been using it daily for a week and my feedback is that it really does a very good job in cleaning my face thoroughly. The brush is soft and doesn't sting my face when I'm using it.

The recommended use is 20s on the forehead, 10s on each side of the cheek and 20s on the chin. The cleanser will stop automatically after 1 minute. However, as my chin is having bad acne problem at the moment, my beautician had warned me not to wash the area in circular movement, if not it will results in the acne spreading outwards. Hence I am currently using this 20s on my forehead and 20s on each side of my cheek.

My pores are obviously less clogged after using this and besides my problematic chin area, my face is almost acne and bumps free! You know sometimes when you brush a finger over your face and you can felt the little bumps here and there? Now the feeling of those bumps are very minimal and almost non-existence!

This little tool amazed me again when I tried to charge it. The charger is a magnetic adapter and hence mia is able to completely immersed in water and yet it won't get spoilt nor would you get electrocuted. Very easy to clean and can be used in shower. Not too heavy and travel friendly.

I recommend you to get this if you are just looking for something simple yet effective to clean your face. However, if you need advanced function of the cleanser, the Plus version would be a better choice but the price is also more than doubled of this.