Tuesday, December 27, 2011


recently I saw a post on my friend's facebook status after she watched a variety show and it discussed the topic "当不了梦幻女孩排行榜" (The ranking of horoscope that couldn't be a dream girl)

and the number 1 on the ranking board is..............TAURUS!
The explanation that they gave is so true too!

因为她们喜欢脚踏实地的活着,而且她觉得让你看真实的自己是多么重要的事情。她才不要活的那么的虚伪,不管你喜欢不喜欢,她就是这样。她会不经意的说,"我是这样你是懂不懂?!?" QQ弹弹很可爱,但美少女的个性实在令人不敢恭维!因为本性很快就露出来了,而且她不觉得不好。

A translation of the above to English:
Because they like to live down to earth, she felt that it is important to let you see her true self.  She doesn't want to live hypocritical life. Whether you like it or not, she is like that. She willl casually say "I'm like that. Do you understand?!?"

The last 2 sentences I don't really know how to translate to English....

As a Taurus, this is really true. I don't really care what others think of me. Either you love me or you hate me. This is me and I don't put up a front to please you nor to become someone whom you will like. If you want to be my friend / boyfriend, you have to accept who am I and not attempt turn me into something you desired to have.

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