Thursday, November 3, 2011

My first time in 7 years!

It's my first time touching the steering wheel and stepping on the accelerator since I've gotten my driving lesson 7 years ago!

All thanks to JY who dare to let me drive the car (not her car somemore!).

It was definitely a very fun yet horrifying experience. When I took my license, it was a manual car and now I have to drive an auto car. I felt so helpless without the clutch. Furthermore this is a continental car so the signal ticker is on the left instead of right. I have the tendency to flip the right ticker which results in the wind wiper moving instead...LOL

Luckily we were on a road without many cars so I can take my own sweet time to adjust to the car and also the handling. I made an achievement of hitting 80km/hr! Not so bad right? haha

I didn't managed to get any picture of myself driving because I was panicking and screaming when JY tell me to brake cause I didn't see the red light. haha.... But here's a pic of the steering wheel and my feet...LOL

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