Saturday, November 5, 2011

Massage at Spa Le' Kraton

Once again....I bought Groupon for
However this time, my post is gonna filled with praises instead of complains! Now that's a sign that I am a very satisfied customer =)

The deal this time is $28 for 90mins 4-in-1 Total Body Pampering! The 4 treatments included are full body massage, ear candling, head massage and hot feet compress.

Let me break up the review into a few category...

Making an Appointment
From experience, I knew that making an appointment must be made in advance for at least a few months. So after me and B finalized on a few dates, she helped me called them up to make an appointment as I was in my super peak period in office then. However, after 1 day of calling, she couldn't get anyone to pick up the call. We were a little bit afraid that this could be a scam.

After a few days, I decided to try calling again and this time someone picked up the call after a few rings. The process for booking an appointment is pretty smooth. We needed a reservation for 3 pax and the staff was able to let me know a few dates on the weekend where they can slot all 3 of us and tell me to call her back to confirm after I can finalized on the dates.

So after checking with B, I called back in a few minutes time and the person still remember me and gladly take down my appointment. No hassle at all =)

When I first stepped into the place, I was very impressed and felt very comfy with the ambience. I felt like a princess! LOL. No pic no here are the pictures of what I saw...

When I saw this, I was in a rush to try out that huge sofa seat that I rushed in with my own slippers on. The staff politely came over to me and told me that I have to change into their slipper. I was so embarrassed and apologized to her. She was all smiles and told me that its okay. Thumbs up for the good attitude!

After being wowed at the lounge, when I stepped into their locker / shower room, I was even more impressed. this a spa salon in the neighbourhood?

I wanna try out that huge jacuzzi hot tub! but sadly my package doesn't need include that.

Me and B shared a room which is very big and comfy. The room came with an attached shower, a hot tub and 2 massage bed. There were even candles on the floor! B commented that my photo looks eerie but I can't help it since the room is very dimly lighted!

The Massage
After all the talks about the ambience, now comes the most important part. The massage.

My masseur is a plump lady in her 40s and B's was a slim young lady. Overall, I find my masseur did a very good job. She basically massaged every millimeter of my skin....even my cleavage! (B was joking that her masseur can't find hers so she can't feel it..haha) After the massage, I really felt that my whole body is so relax and my shoulder had never felt so light in many years!

I had went for some massage where I will get blue black bruises on my calves and arms because the masseur used too much strength. This masseur although used a lot of strength, I didn't get a single blue black mark on my skin =)

While I am all praise about my masseur, B did not felt satisfied with hers. She felt that her masseur did not massage at the right spot and her skill is still not there. However, M who is in another room by himself was satisfied with his massage too. In the end, we concluded that B's masseur is not as experiences as the ones we've got.

So maybe if you are visiting, you want to request for the middle age masseur.

The Service
I am someone who thinks that service is an important factor is every business. It helps to determines whether your customer would like to come back to you or not. I have patronized places who provides very good products and massages but the service attitude of the staff simply puts me off and I would never return even though I am satisfied with the massage there.

For example, few years back, TrueSpa called HH for a massage free trial and told her that she could bring a friend. It was not her first visit and she had already told the person over the phone that she already went for the free trial few years back and the staff told her over the phone that it is okay. So down we go and after the massage, one of the consultant came to have a talk with us and she insulted HH that its not her first time already. It's not like we cheated them. They were the one who told her to go down even though she had already told them beforehand. Furthermore when I say I didn't want to take up any packages, the consultant insulted me by saying "I don't think you are someone who goes around just for free trial right?" Personally I think that's not the way to do business. Insults won't gain you any business. When the two of us very firmly told her that we are not going to sign up, the consultant immediately gave us a very black face and say "Then shall I send you out?" Rude!

Okay back to Spa Le' Kraton, after our massages, we were served with ginger tea (too spicy to my likings...) and we get to take a rest at the huge sofa seat again! While we were seated there, the staff came over and very politely asked if we enjoyed the massage and she wish to check if we would like to take up any packages with them. I told her no because at the moment I'm not ready to commit to a package. She didn't push any further and just smiled back to us and say its alright.

After we rejected the packages, we still get to chill out at the sofa while taking our hot tea and chit chat. No one chasing us out!

While we were changing into our slippers, preparing to go, the staff hurried over to the door and opened it for us and waved us goodbye. Impressive! The service attitude didn't change at all!

The staff there were all smiles and not a single person had a black face on throughout my 2 hours stay there. This is what I really call good service =)

If I am ever in need of a good massage, I will definitely go back there and I would be making recommendation to my friends to try it out.

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