Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Well some people might be pondering over which courier to use to deliver your parcels from overseas. SingPost is out since most of us know their service standard

Personally I have always been using DHL for years and had never met any problem with them. They delivers 7 days a week and from 9am to 10pm daily. If you missed a delivery in the morning, just a phone call and they will redeliver it in the evening on the same day. For me, Im so familiar with the DHL delivery man in my area that they will automatically pick up my parcels and redeliver it in the evening for me. I dont even need to call the customer service center.

I finally get my first time experience with FEDEX this week. Although DHL is my preferred choice, my international reshipping company used FEDEX on 5 of my parcels. Now I am having a horrible time getting the parcels delivered to me since the customer service officer told me that they deliver within office hours only which happens to be my office hours too! I was informed by the deliver man that they do evening delivery upon request. However when I called up, My request was rejected on the basis that they don't provide such a service. Seriously why is there a different understanding between the staff of the same company. The CS officer made an even more ridiculous suggestion that I should self collect from their office. My parcels were weighing at 15kg! If I want to self collect why would I use Fedex? I might as well use SingPost where it is more convenient to collect at post office near to my house. In the end, I have to waste one day leave just to sit at home from morning to evening to wait for them to appear before my doorstep due to their inflexibility.

After this first which is going to be my last time with fedex, I would never use them again. DHL definitely has more flexibility than Fedex.

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