Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Lipsticks

I own quite a number of lipsticks but I have misplaced at least 3 and thrown away 2 which I think they had expired. So now I'm left with 4!

Let's take a look at my lipstick...

 From left to right:
1. MAC - Angel Frost
2. Chanel Rouge Coco Shine - Boy
3. Dior High Shine - Rose Fashion
4. Laneige - LR05

Next let's look at the swatches in the similar order

MAC - Angel Frost
A very light frosty pink. This is in fact my 2nd purchase. I love this color a look but the lipstick is very dry and my lips always chapped after using this. I am now a little hesitant on getting another one after finishing this.

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine - Boy
An all times favorite for many bloggers online and I was first introduced to it by Miaka when I went shopping with her. It's a very light dusty pink which looks very natural on the lips. The Chanel consultant told me that this color is very popular as their model for this new range is using it hence the high demand.

I must admit that this lipstick is very moisturizing on the lips. My lips doesn't feel dry at all even when I touched up a few times a day with it.

Dior High Shine - Rose Fashion
This is a free gift from Dior to me when I attended one of the seminar. I fell in love with it immediately! My love who attended the seminar as my companion got one in orange-y tone and she loved it too! (She has already finish using hers!) A pretty rose pink that shines on the lip. Very moisturizing and long lasting. It doesn't wear off immediately if I just have a quick bite. Doesn't requires me to touch up a lot of times a day.

Laneige - LR05
 I got this during Laneige warehouse sales for half the price. A dark matte mauve color. I am not very impress by it as there is a very strong sweet smell from the lipstick which made me a little sick everytime I used it. The lipstick is also quite dry and I have to use my lip gloss over it everytime so that my lips won't crack.

Overall, I would recommend Chanel and Dior lipsticks as they have a good range of color and doesn't make your lips cracked after using it.

P.S: When I am writing this post, I suddenly realized that all my lipsticks are in the pink tone! I think I need to get some natural brown and orange tone lipsticks. (It's just an excuse for me to shop. =X)


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