Saturday, October 22, 2011

Lose to Win 3 by Health Promotion Board

Do you remember that I was ranting about the needs to find a way to exercise to lose more weight after my initial stage? Just when I am thinking so hard about what to do about this, I came upon the advertisement on Facebook for the Lose to Win 3 programme by the Singapore Health Promotion Board.

The Lose to Win 3 is a weight management programme to promote and encouraged overweight individuals to lose weight the healthy way. This year’s Lose to Win® 3 will incorporate new elements to better equip individuals to lose weight the healthy way and sustain it over the long term. For the first time, the 12-week programme combines physical activity, nutrition and, mental wellbeing workshops aiming to inspire and motivate you to make healthy lifestyle changes.

OMG! This is just what I was looking for and its FREE!

I don't have any stamina for strenuous exercise and I definitely need someone to coach me but I can't afford the Personal Trainer nor Gym packages. This programme is just perfect for me. Another plus point is that this programme is available at all major CCs so you don't need to travel a long distance in order to participate in their exercise classes.

I have already signed up for this. Have you?

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